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Lawn Care

Our lawn care professionals will do what it takes to make sure your lawn and landscape look the best they possibly can. We will work with you find the lawn fertilization program that is the best fit for your property. All of our lawn care programs follow an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach, which means we only use pesticides when necessary in order to ensure the best and safest practices are always used in regards to your property and our environment.

4-Step Fertilizer Program (Includes Weed Controls & Grub/ Insect

Our 4-step program consists of 4 applications of fertilizer with weed control in each step, a lime application in the fall, and a grub/insect application. Each fertilizer application has a slow release fertilizer in it which allows for environmental benefits, and longer lasting, better-looking results between applications. For weed control, we spot spray weeds as we find them, which helps decrease the number of pesticides being used, and in return, saves you money.

Organic Fertilizer Program

Our organic fertilizer program is 100% natural and organic and consists of 4 applications of fertilizer throughout the year, as well as a lime application in the fall. The nutrient levels in organic products are lower so it is necessary to apply the products at heavier rates in order to provide your lawn with the necessary nutrients, which increases the cost. It is important to know that with an organic program, the lawn does not typically respond as quickly as our other programs, but some improvement is noticeable with each application.

Synthetic Fertilizer Program

This program consists of 4 applications of synthetic fertilizer as well as a lime application in the fall. Synthetic fertilizer does not contain any pesticides. Like the 4-step program, each application will have some form of slow release fertilizer in order to help keep your lawn healthy and fed between applications. Since there are no herbicides mixed in with the fertilizer, and we do not spray for weeds, it is likely that there will be some weed activity mixed in. It is our goal to try to encourage as much healthy grass growth as possible in hopes of leaving no room for weeds to grow.

Pre-Emergent Bed Weed Control

Lime Application



Deep Root Fertilization of Plants, Shrubs, and Trees

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